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Modern Day Sophists
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Sophists were a group of ancient Greeks that were wandering teachers. They based their existence on philosophy and believed strongly in educating the masses in the areas of the arts. Well The purpose of this community is to bring you a 101 so to speak in various subjects. For more information on the Sophist, read the post in the memories marked “History of Sophists.” The diffrence between the orginal Sophist and Modern Day Sophists is that facts are now more important than delivery.

As a member of this community you have two options:

A. Join and just absorb the knowledge and share it with others if desired. Feel free to comment and ask questions, or just simply read. Yep that's it; just take a few minutes out of your normal life to learn something new.

B. You could become one of the Modern-Day Sophists yourself and post something that you think people should know about. It can be anything as long as it does one or more of the following;

1. Deals with the arts (In any for except popular culture) or a core educational area. (Math, Literature, Science, History)
2. If you would like to express your theory or view on a subject then you must first post it in the form of a question and then post your view in the form of a comment. That way others are allowed to show their views as well.
3. Is something that you feel is valuable for others to know.
4. If it does not fit any of the above criteria it will be monitored on a case-by-case basis. This is left to the discursion of the Modern Day Sophists. If you would like to become see information below.

If you are interested in becoming a
let me know either by commenting or by emailing me sugar_candy@livejournal.com, for additional information. Moderator rights will be awarded upon request if contributions (Posts that fit above criteria are made)

As this community was created for the sole purpose of expressing opinions and sharing knowledge, you will inevitably run into those who are closed-minded and do not know how to have an intellectually stimulating debate or sharing of views. This should not be a problem for you if you are a levelheaded person, capable of handling the fact that not everyone on the planet agrees with your view. Unfortunately, as I am sure you have all witnessed there seems to be a plague of idiots on live journal so while this should be assumed, I must go ahead and say it. Please by courteous, and respectful or the others do not judge someone for their ignorance on the subject, after all this is to help enlighten others. I will ban users who are unable to honor this simple request.